Hi! I’m Kayla…

I am so glad you found my page and am honored you are taking a look around!! Here’s a little about me!

My cutie husband and I got married in October 2018 and we are living the life in Charlotte, NC! These incredible pictures were taken by the loveliest human, miss Claire King, a killer photographer boss babe in Cape Town, SA.

I was born and raised in South Africa and when I was 10 years old my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia! I love any excuse to go back and visit Home, so hey, if you’re a travel bug and want some cute pics with penguins, I’ll be your personal tour guide!

I am a lover of all things light & bright, and overuse exclamation points way too often, I am a happy soul, and have always loved loved loved everything to do with weddings and love stories. I also LOVE animals - hence the photos with penguins- and will genuinely tear up if I see or even just talk about pretty much any animal. Highland cows and English Bulldogs are probably my favorite. I am a proud doggie mom to a bulldog named Winston, and he of course has his own insta @sir_winstonthebulldog, cause he’s a diva.


Am I speaking your language?


I will be the first to tell you that you need to find a photographer who speaks your language - whatever that might be!

Finding someone who makes you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful on your special day is almost as important as finding someone who takes pictures that you love. Why you may ask? You will be spending your day and experience with your photographer. If you enjoy their personality and if they make you feel your best YOU, then not only will your pictures turn out a million times more beautiful, but you will enjoy the experience so so much more. Besides, who doesn’t want a fun, joyous photographer following them around the whole day?!

I take pride in making sure my clients are comfortable & at home in front of my camera. I’ve been on the other side of the lens before and it can totally uncomfortable if thats not something you’re used to! I talk my clients through it, have fun with them, and if I have to act like a complete fool on the other side of the camera to make you feel more comfortable and get those real giggles, you best believe I’ll do it! I leave every single one of my shoots feeling as though I have made a new best friend and I love that!