Hi, I'm Kayla...

I am so glad you found my page and am honored you are taking a look at my work! I was born and raised in South Africa. When I was 10 years old my family  moved to Atlanta, Georgia! I picked up a camera in high school and have loved photography ever since! Here are some fun random facts about me:

1. I love to sing out loud, but I am TERRIBLE at remembering all the lyrics!

2. I have held both a lion and a tiger... next wild animal adventure? Ride an elephant!

3. I am a beach bum and will always gravitate towards the warm sun, white sand and cold water!

4. Retail therapy is definitely a real thing and how I prefer to relax!

5. I am most definitely a dog person, and absolutely love BULLDOGS! So many wrinkles. I am a proud doggie mom to a bulldog named Winston. He of course has his own insta (duh) @sir_winstonthebulldog